The Problem We're combining adventure and hard science to address a serious problem.

Our throwaway culture depends on single-use plastics. Stop reading this and look up: Is there any plastic around you? Water bottles, plastic utensils, yogurt containers, and the infamous six pack rings are a just a few of many plastic products. Much of this plastic waste doesn’t make it to the recycling center, or even the landfill! This plastic, carried by rivers, animals, and the wind, will eventually find its way into the sea. From there it may wash ashore on any beach around the world, perhaps even your own. In the ocean, indigestible plastic waste resembles dinner for many marine organisms. Working its way up the food chain, plastic may even end up on your plate next time you order the fish of the day. We’ve surrounded ourselves with plastic products designed to be thrown away, and if we continue to turn a blind eye, they could litter our pale blue dot forever.


The Project

Putting our bodies and minds on the line to confront an environmental catastrophe.

We are a team of four dedicated explorers preparing to put our bodies and minds on the line to confront the plastic problem. Living solely on stand-up paddleboards, we will paddle around the island of Bermuda for ten days exposing the rampant plastic pollution that threatens the island and the unique and fragile ecosystem in the Sargasso Sea. Combining adventure and hard science, the expedition brings fresh awareness to this serious problem.

We have two main objectives:
  1. Generate a media presence to raise global awareness of the ever-growing prevalence of plastic pollution in the marine environment.
  2. Utilize the maneuverability, finesse, and unique simplicity of stand-up paddleboards to make a valuable contribution to the growing body of research surrounding marine debris.

It is imperative that we continue to collect the evidence necessary to influence public opinion, and direct policy towards progressive legislation.


5 Simple Things You Can Do Now

The Solution
Don’t buy bottled water.

Get your own water bottle and fill it up. Save $ and the ocean!

The Solution
Bring reusable bags grocery shopping.

Refuse plastic bags, they end up in the ocean where turtles, dolphins and fish mistake them for food.

The Solution
Don’t buy products containing plastic microbeads.

Plastic microbeads will inevitably end up in the waterways, lakes, and oceans, before finding their way back up the food chain and onto your dinner plate. Don’t know if the product you’re buying has these little devils in it? Check this app out!.

The Solution
Recycle everything!

And we really do mean everything! Try out terracycle!

The Solution
Buy fresh and local!

Avoid food products that are excessively packaged.

See that plastic bag rolling by your car in the parking lot? Pick it up! Don’t let apathy be our demise!


The Team

Christian Shaw Team Leader
Gordon Middleton Videographer
Céline Jennison Plant Scientist
Julian Rodriguez Photographer
Werner Paddles
Badger Healthly Body Care
Clif Bar
Backpacker's Pantry
Live Watersports

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Adventurers and Scientist for Conservation
The Plastic Ocean Project
Bells Design

H2 Audio
Goal Zero
Keep Bermuda Beautiful


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