Our culture depends on single-use plastics. 
Stop reading and look up; is there any plastic around you? Water bottles, yogurt containers, the infamous six pack rings? Most plastic waste does not make it to the recycling center, or even the landfill. This plastic — carried by rivers, wind, and animals can find its way to the sea.
Here Are 5 Simple Ways You Can Ditch Plastic Now
You can save…

bottles when you switch to reusables

Break up with bottled water.
Save hundreds of dollars per years by saying goodbye to single-use plastic bottles. Looking for a low-cost reusable bottle? Try Pathwater!
Shop with reusable bags. 
100,000 marine animals are killed by plastic bags each year. Switch to reusables to reduce your overall waste and keep sealife from harm. 
You can save…

plastic bags from getting eaten by turtles

You can save…

straws when you switch to reusables

Skip the straw. 
Do without or if you like having something to sip with, use a glass, bamboo, hay, metal or other type of reusable straw. Ask for no straw when ordering drinks and carry a collapsible one like one from Final Straw!
Recycle everything!
100,000 and we do mean everything you cannot reuse, compost, or donate. Try Terracycle
You can save…

pounds of plastic waste from going into the landfills each year

You can save…

food miles by shopping locally

Choose seasonal and local.
Avoid prepackaged food by getting food from your local CSA and checking out farmers markets near you.
Looking for more upstream solutions to fighting plastic?
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