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25,000 miles • 5000 mangroves • 100 youth leaders • $100,000

U P S T R E A M    C H A N G E

Whatever you paddle, join us in paddling 25,000 miles around the world for global change.  Each mile paddled supports our Global Youth Mentor (GYM) program, empowering youth to take action on plastic pollution in their local communities.  We believe in widespread, lasting change through local grassroots campaigns.  The projects of Youth Leaders have already diverted 2,000,000 utensils from the waste stream and since we focus on lasting upstream solutions, those numbers increase year-by-year.

Imagine every school in the world switching from using plastic utensils to a sustainable alternative
Replacing bottled water with refill infrastructure
Utilizing unused land to grow orchards

Three Easy Steps

Post a photo of your paddle to instagram, tag @plastictides, and add #paddlearoundtheworld


Just like with plastic pollution, every small change makes a big difference.  You don’t have to paddle far to help us create positive change.  25,000 paddlers paddling one mile each will get us to the finish line in exactly the same way as fifty paddlers paddling 500 miles each.

Looking to paddle more miles than you can donate alone?  Create a crowdfunding campaign with the link below and get your friends who don’t paddle in on the fun!

Key Partner

Starboard Innovation Quality Logo

Your miles go further with Starboard and 5000 Mangroves

Starboard is consistently working to limit their impact to the environment, as well as influencing others to make changes for the better too! Starboard even plants one mangrove for every paddleboard they produce!  That’s why we’re so excited to have their support for the Global Rising Tide Relay. For the first 5000 paddlers who join in on this adventure, Starboard has committed to plant one mangrove tree!

Why Mangroves?

A mangrove tree will absorb one tonne of CO2 within its first 20 years of life.  After this, the tree will keep absorbing and keep acting as a natural sea defense against strong waves and impactful weather.  Not only that, but it will also continue to help biodiversity to thrive in the mangrove park, where baby fish can have a safe nursing area, birds and elephants can also live free and safe!

Where are the mangroves planted and how do we find out more?

Starboard has a great relationship with Worldview International Foundation and plants all their mangroves through the “Verified Carbon Standard” certified mangrove parks in Myanmar.  Ensuring the survival of the mangroves and to secure, sustainable and high quality of life for those who are in the local community of the mangroves.


Read more about Starboards Environmental Projects here.